Getting International Traffic to Your Website

Getting International Traffic to Your Website

Want to increase traffic to your website, start exchanging links with other websites. I still feel it’s the best way to increase traffic. The results may not be what we expect, but there are many site owners who seriously do not know how simple the techniques are to increase website traffic free of cost.

Link popularity is one factor determining page rank with major search engines. It is indicated on Google Info for webmasters that the number of sites linking to a particular website is frankly the single biggest factor determining the sites indexed by Google, Which makes the link relate absolutely vital to the success of all our websites.

Few little known techniques to a stronger link exchange.

1) Banner/image links: As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, same way image has to be the best. And unless it’s a perfect combination with the several techniques, this would be the least favourable link exchange program. The spiders all over the search engine are just not able to see the pictures In terms of connecting the image to some kind of a keyword that would lead them to your site. So, carefully chosen keywords lead to your website more and more traffic.

2) Plain text links: Well, let’s give this a thorough thought for a moment. The spiders are looking for keywords given out by someone looking for information. The best possibility for a near match to the request leads them to your site. The more times you key in the correct match, the more the traffic.

3) Adding text links by using anchor text: This is again a fancy way of describing the linked text. It appears to give in more weight to this style of linking. And as you begin building strong incoming links, you can start seeing your Google rank page increase as well.

4) Sample anchor text link: Here, it’s the key phrase that blends into the content of the article which now provides a relevant link for the page which it leads to. For example, most commercial products and service owners are moving to selling over internet. The advantages are obvious which reaches millions of customers around the world.

5) Adding title tags: By adding a little attribute title tag, you straight away strengthen the weight of the anchor text even more.

It’s hardly going to cost you a few minutes and not money in a marketing forum to see that almost everyone seems to be looking for strategies to writing style that will solve their internet marketing challenges.

So, by following the above techniques, you can certainly drive organic traffic towards your blog, article and website in short duration.