Best Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Best Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

If you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy, the best marketing tools will help you get there. The best marketing tools are the invisible foundation of a solid marketing strategy. But there are hundreds of marketing tools available, many of them expensive and difficult to use. Finding the best ones can be difficult, but Small Business Trends has compiled a list of the best marketing tools for small businesses. These tools are top of the class, affordable, and free.


If you want to build a list and market to it, Sendinblue is an excellent email marketing tool. Its Shared Inbox feature helps you keep track of messages from various customers and prospects. You can assign a tag to a specific customer and mark a message as resolved. It also keeps conversation histories, which are invaluable for lead generation. It also allows you to create forms for landing pages and subscriptions.


Xtensio is an excellent tool for digital marketing. It provides a branded strategy hub and allows you to organize all of your marketing efforts in one place. The tool has features to create and edit documents, customer personas, and promotional plans. It also allows you to make documents public and collaborate with your team. Lastly, Xtensio is a collaborative tool that allows you to create living documents and share them with collaborators.


A content marketing tool like Curata is an excellent way to engage customers and create brand awareness. The platform can help users find, curate, and …

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How to Make Money Online From Home

How to Make Money Online From Home

One way to make money online from home is by buying and selling websites. Selling websites is similar to renovating homes, but the difference is that you are not responsible for keeping up the business. Sometimes people don’t have the time or desire to take care of an online business, so they opt to sell it. You can still reap the benefits of traffic and sell it to a buyer. Then you can earn money from your website without spending a dime on it.

Sell stock photos

One way to earn money online from home is selling stock photos. Getty Images is a company that pays the highest royalty rates in the industry, up to 75%. If you want to sell pictures on Getty Images, you need to apply for membership. Getty has over 1.5 million customers from 200 countries and will help you create your collection. Then, all you have to do is upload your photos and wait for the money to roll in.

Sell videos

You’ve probably seen advertisements for video content and wondered how to sell it. You can sell videos on YouTube and other online video platforms. These opportunities also arise as a result of the technological development that has made it possible to create high-quality videos with a smartphone. Using your smartphone to create production-quality videos is no longer a luxury of the rich and famous. Instead, you can start making money right now by making and selling videos of various topics.

Create a website

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Event Marketing Examples That Can Help You Plan Your Next Promotional Campaign

Event Marketing Examples That Can Help You Plan Your Next Promotional Campaign

There are many ways to market an event to your target audience, and social media is a great way to promote it. Creating a timeline is helpful when planning your marketing strategies, and Livestreaming platforms can be a valuable way to reach non-attendees. You can also consider creating a roadshow for your event. Below are some event marketing examples that can help you plan your next promotional campaign. All of these ideas are sure to generate excitement and positive feedback for your organization.

Social media is a great way to promote an event

When promoting an event through social media, you can create user-generated content. This content can range from selfies at an event to screenshots of the service or product. It inspires others to share it, which spreads your advertising far and wide. You should repost user-generated content and credit the creators, which will encourage them to post more content in the future. Here are 15 ideas for social media promotion of an event.

Livestreaming platforms are a great way to reach non-attendees

Livestreaming platforms are popular ways to engage non-attendees at events. The popularity of livestreaming platforms is increasing rapidly as cord-cutting has reached new heights. In fact, more than half of American consumers have already cut the cord. Various organisations are broadcasting live streams of events, from virtual graduation ceremonies to online church services. There are many benefits of livestreaming.

Creating a timeline for event marketing

Creating a timeline for event marketing is an essential step in …

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