Web Design Progressively Gets More Sophisticated

Web design has since become very sophisticated while still retaining the core framework of HTML. JavaScript has added to the interactivity that HTML web pages can have and CSS and XML-XSL have improved the formatting options of web pages.

Web Design Progressively Gets More Sophisticated

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HTML’s options to allow objects to be embedded opens up a lot of possibilities, the most popular of them being Flash that provides unparalleled sophistication in presentation, visual appeal and animation. Flash is a program that runs as an object within HTML. It is possible to create different objects within HTML that run on their own but within the layout of the web page.

Good design makes a strong impact on the reader and helps define and change perceptions about the brand and the company. Good design is also essential for search engine optimization (SEO) as the design that includes good practices that are search-engine friendly have stronger prospects of good ranking for specific keywords.

Web design must address the dual needs of being search engine friendly and being very communicative, exhaustive with its information content and motivating the reader to feel good about the brand and delve further into the website.

Web design has challenged people who have questioned its versatility and possibilities. In the early days I recall a friend with a distinguished career in information technology contemplating that web design will reach its limits as there is only a certain amount that one can be creatively within the boundaries of the display. We now know that the 1024 x 768 pixel rectangular area offers almost infinite possibilities in web design, layouts, creativity and presentation.

Good design is about good looks, readability, cross-browser support, excellent usability and clarity of communication. Web design is not merely the purview of a graphic designer. A lot of thought needs to go into it for the right method of communication and the mood or theme that the web page should address. HTML and JavaScript programmers, Flash animators, content writers and SEO specialists all have a large role to play in the construction of a web page. Good design must include a team that at-least comprises of thought in communication, visual design, interaction design, content writing and SEO analysis and structure.

All this makes web design a very sophisticated activity and a deeply satisfying one with immense possibilities and potential. Constant innovation, new technologies and business applications will ensure that web design keeps growing in stature and content and becomes increasingly sophisticated and versatile. Improvements in telecommunications, 3G mobile networks and broadband have reduced the constraints on size and data transfer. Websites can now have more advanced features including high definition video and audio and animation with real-time viewing over high speed networks.