Brand Marketing News

Brand Marketing News

There are many forms of corporate journalism. Some companies produce news to generate leads, while others use “news” to serve their customers and create an entirely new image of their company. Regardless of the motivation, the goal is to attract readers, and hopefully convert them into paying customers. Whether it is through a magazine, blog, or website, brand journalism is a crucial component of successful marketing. This article outlines the many forms of corporate journalism.

Heineken launches brand journalism campaign

The Heineken brand recently launched a unique campaign to create a connection between the brand and soccer fans. The “Soccer is Here” campaign features the likes of David Villa, Carli Lloyd, Landon Donovan and others, and features interactive engagements and year-long commercials. The campaign kicked off on March 6, in conjunction with the MLS season’s opening day. The brand is making an effort to become the most talked-about beer in the world, and the campaign has been met with tremendous success.

The new campaign also aims to highlight the many ways in which people can engage in brand journalism. In a recent study, 69% of millennials cited image control and avoidance of the risk of drunk driving as their main motivations. This data shows that moderation has become a cool and trendy concept that takes a push from someone they care about. The Heineken brand is working to capitalize on this trend by targeting women as a potential influencer.

Shutterstock offers access to 17m video clips

The Shutterstock mobile app makes it easier than ever to find and license video content. The app allows you to search through footage, save it, and even download it. Available on both iOS and Android devices, this app lets you create videos whenever the mood strikes. With over 17 million video clips and images to choose from, your brand marketing can be an effortless process. And with its convenient, easy-to-use interface, it will never be difficult to find and use quality content.

If you want to expand your video content beyond the web, Shutterstock is the way to go. With access to over 17 million clips, the stock image provider is a goldmine. Its video library has been curated from more than a million professional creators, including big names in the industry. Using these high-quality clips on your brand marketing campaigns will ensure your message reaches the target audience.

Facebook faces greater competition from Google in mobile ad retargeting

The “duopoly” of Facebook and Google continues to grow stronger as retargeting campaigns entice mobile users to return to a business’s app. However, recent research suggests that Facebook faces increased competition from Google in this area. A study conducted by AppsFlyer shows that Google’s share of retargeting has increased by 44% in the second half of last year compared to Facebook’s expansion of 5%. The study also found that Facebook is now a more important tool for mobile app developers than ever, with an increase of 18% in the number of apps that attribute 30 percent or more of their success to retargeting.

While Facebook is facing increased competition from Google, the company is far more anti-fragile. Its business is built around a long tail of internet-native companies, many of which have been built around Facebook from the ground up. The disruptors will ultimately strengthen the Facebook ecosystem, while weakening the TV-centric ecosystem. This way, Facebook will continue to remain the top choice for marketers and publishers.

Facebook faces greater competition from Apple in mobile ad retargeting

A recent dispute between Apple and Facebook over the future of retargeting mobile ads has raised some eyebrows. Apple is preparing to implement a new measure that will require advertisers to ask users for consent before they are tracked. Facebook, however, is preparing for the competition and has launched its “Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found” campaign. It argues that mobile ad retargeting is crucial to small businesses and its users.

In response to the criticism, Facebook recently launched Shops, a storefront powered by its own platform, which can be set up with Shopify integration. The company offers first-party ecommerce data for advertisers and offers ad discounts to brands that drive traffic to its Shops. However, a recent study found that Facebook’s ad targeting is not as effective as Apple’s attribution. Apple, on the other hand, sees transaction data and is less prone to errors.