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Search engine optimization & Digital Advertising - Social Media Intangibles

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‘Social media’ is clearly one of the most frequently used terms, but at least understood in the promotion space. In terms of purely defining terms, Social Media can be defined as communication between people in digital space. This communication usually involves the exchange of ideas, experiences, information and insights, along with various media such as images and videos. Many Internet Marketing experts spend most of their days trying to find ways to utilize this social network for the purpose of raising awareness and, ultimately, sales for their clients. The problem that is commonly encountered is the fact that, unlike search engine optimization, this effort is not easily measured in terms of the time invested vs. the return received. However, measurement does not have to be a factor that causes marketers to stop or stop their Social Media efforts.

When companies take part in Social Media campaigns, such as opening a Twitter account or Facebook page, they usually do so with the aim of increasing sales. Although of course there is nothing wrong with this desired end result, it should not be the sole purpose of this campaign. Social Media not only allows people to share information in new and interesting ways, but also allows companies to communicate with their public in the same way. It has never been possible for a large organization to immediately send communications targeted to their core audience in real time. Email is close to this level of closeness, but seems almost ancient compared to Social Media.

Imagine consumers who are not happy with Tweeting their displeasure with an unpleasant brand experience. They are not happy with the services provided by the company, and have the right to share the displeasure with their Social Network. As should be done by the managers of the Social Media and Online Promotion campaigns, the companies concerned are quickly aware of this displeasure, and respond directly to consumers. In some communications, customers have their problems appropriate, and go to one more singing praise from the company AND the way they handle the situation. Companies will do the same if individuals have contacted them directly, so why not reach consumers in the social space?

Overcoming these direct and direct needs and concerns of customers is not a measurable action at all. No sales have been made, or directives generated. However, the value here may be even greater than sales. What happens here is the creation of the right relationship, but more than that, strengthening the partnership. Most consumers tend to stay with brands for years until a significant event or action occurs that causes them to switch. In the example outline above, a negative experience by a customer might eventually turn into a total neglect of the brand. By utilizing Social Media, companies not only avoid these losses, but make consumer / brand partnerships stronger. These consumers are now more likely to be product evangelists, spread the word about how companies improve the situation and reach them directly.

Avoiding Social Media because worry about the lack of measurement is not only stupid, but also completely contrary to the core of this initiative. When properly implemented, Social Media campaigns will provide extraordinary results.