How To Build A List In Your Online Business

How To Build A List In Your Online Business

“The money is in the list”. This is one of the basic tenets of Internet Marketing and for good reason. It’s not enough to have a well designed website with great information about your home based business. If you want to get the business up and running you need to have people visiting and wanting to stay informed. Without a list of people interested in your products or services you will not make sales and there will be no profit. So, establishing an Internet business is all about learning how to build a list and about how to maintain a relationship with the list.

To think of this in terms of the real world, let’s take the example of an author. If someone has bought one book by this author, it’s an indication that they are interested in that genre. So, the next time a book is to come out, it’s worth sending a letter or other promotional material to this interested party. Similarly if someone is interested in what your website has to offer, find a way to get them on your email list. Your marketing can be targeted and effective. Here are 5 tried and tested tips on how to build a list:

1. Quality Content Counts: People will join an opt-in list if you offer quality information on your website. First impressions are important so make sure that you have a well maintained and professional website. You can let people know so much by the language and tone of your website. Quality information offered in a straightforward manner can be an amazing sales pitch.

2. Remember the Squeeze Page: Now that the visitor is hooked, you can use the squeeze page to encourage them to sign up for a special offer. You can offer a newsletter or an e-book as a free give away but first make sure that the visitor has to sign-up for the free offer. Visitors are much more likely to join your list if you offer them quality information.

3. Make the Freebies Memorable: Whether you offer a once a month newsletter or an immediate free e-book, make the free give away a source of useful information. If it’s full of fluff or seems an obvious sales pitch, the bulk of your list may well unsubscribe. This is your opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in the field and to demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness. Make sure that you don’t just offer recycled material that your list subscribers will not value.

4. Use the Forums: The Internet is a global marketplace and there are people all over who are interested in the kind of things you want to market. As I have said before, the key is to help them find you. So, visit the places they visit and make your presence felt in a professional manner. If you want to sell hand-made specialty cards, stop by in forums where people are discussing invitation card ideas and hop into discussions where there may be questions about the importance of sending thank you notes. You can add a small tag in your signature line to indicate what you do.

5. Autoresponders for the Long Haul: Autoresponders can be very useful for a long-term relationship with your list members. Sometimes people may visit your site and get a free book and leave and then you may not have anything to build on a month or two later. A series of emails offering information on a periodic basis is a great way for making sure your brand stays in the awareness of the customer.

If you take on board these 5 tips in your internet business you will add more people to your list. You then have the opportunity to convert them to customers and increase your profits as a result.