I Met with My Boss Today

I was in a meeting with my boss today, which is unusual for me. I handle my business and that involves keeping the computers working and the network up and running. Of course they expect me to stop people from wasting time on the web, so I am supposed to block things that do not pertain to work. I really only worry about the bad things you obviously should not be doing. At any rate Mr.. Rice wanted to know how we could get more followers on our social media sites. I tried not to let on that I did not care, but I could not help but point out that this really is not going to usually do us all that much good. We want to drive traffic to our site with the social media activities, but we do not want random people and the truth is that very few random people are going to be our clients. They just are not going to be in the market for the services that we provide. We serve large organizations in fact.

At any rate he was not listening to what I was saying and I eventually found out that he had been talking to some sort of internet marketing ‘guru’. Of course this guy wanted us to pay him to do all of this stuff, but the boss figured that I must be smart enough to do what he could do. Perhaps I am able to do it, but I would have to go out and do some research to figure it out. So instead I just told him that perhaps we could have some sort of contest, obviously people do things that they think is in their best interest. So I said we needed to motivate them to follow us by offering a prize.