How to Write a Marketing Agency Job Description

How to Write a Marketing Agency Job Description

As a marketing professional, you will be in the spotlight and working for a high- profile agency. It can be difficult to find a work-life balance, but the fast-paced, high- energy environment of these jobs is often rewarding. Working in this fast-paced, high-energy environment will allow you to learn new things, network with peers, innovate and be recognized for your work. But beware of the pressure and time commitment that come with agency work!

Job description

When it comes to hiring, a marketing agency job description is an essential part of the hiring process. An effective job description should include both technical and soft skills. For example, a content marketer’s job description may list strong writing skills, while a marketing analyst’s job description might emphasize data analysis. However, the key is to tailor the description to the position and company. Below are some tips for writing a good marketing agency job description.

A marketing manager oversees all marketing efforts and day-to-day campaigns. In smaller agencies, this position is largely responsible for marketing and advertising tasks. Marketing managers leverage all available channels of communication and tools to monitor results and make decisions. Their job also involves creating, executing, and evaluating marketing communications across all media platforms. These managers might be responsible for social media accounts, too. In addition, they oversee creative teams. To succeed in this role, you must have strong leadership qualities and a keen eye for detail.

Skills required

A successful career in marketing agency management will require you to possess a broad range of skills. From analyzing data to creating and implementing marketing campaigns, a marketing agent must use a variety of tools to increase their efficiency. Whether it is creating and implementing digital marketing campaigns or developing content for newsletters, marketing agents will use a variety of hard and soft skills. Here are some of the most important skills that marketing agents should have.

Experience using a computer: A marketing agency will likely require that you have some computer skills. You won’t necessarily need to be a web developer or designer, but you will need to know how to use software and navigate the back-end of a website. While your first marketing agency job will most likely be in a non- management role, you will likely have to take on more responsibility as your career progresses. Some positions require that you act as a point of contact for vendors, while others require that you manage junior team members.


There are many different types of jobs within a marketing agency. Copywriters create concepts and write copy for advertising and promotional campaigns. Often focused on sales, copywriters write for a variety of different platforms and must have a keen eye for detail. Other advertising agency jobs include the position of Social Media Manager, in which you’ll be in charge of all the company’s advertising campaigns across several platforms. These professionals will be responsible for engaging their audience through content and analyzing consumer insights.


A marketing agency job is a good fit for people who enjoy working with and for companies that specialize in marketing. There are three major categories of marketing workers: market research analysts, survey researchers, and marketing managers. Salary for these positions varies widely, depending on the type of marketing position you have. Although marketing agency starting salaries are usually low compared to other business careers, the potential for earnings more than compensates for the lower salary.

However, the job market is not completely recovering after the Covid-19 pandemic, so candidates are cautious about jumping ship. While many candidates are embracing new working styles and saving on commuting, others are leaving their jobs because they didn’t get their bonuses last year, or pay hasn’t yet returned to pre-pandemic levels. As a result, candidates are seeking significant salary increases. The competitive nature of the industry has also led to increased pay for marketing experts.