Attract Website Traffic Using These Tactics

Attract Website Traffic Using These Tactics

For those who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of optimizing and improving your web pages with certain keywords or keyword phrases so that they are ranked highly by the search engines on their results pages. Anyone that owns a website would love to be on the first pages of the search engines because of the traffic it brings to their website.

There are tactics out there to do that with, and involve submitting articles to article directories with a resource box linking back to your money site. Other tactics include submitting videos to all the major video sites with a link to your money site as well in the description information. Bookmarking all of these sites on all of the bookmarking services allows other users of the bookmarking services to find your money site. High page ranking sites such as all these mentioned above (Web 2.0 sites) get indexed easy by the search engines, and therefore give you link juice, and visitors from the searches that happen when people search for your keywords.

If you are trying to use the tactics of article submission, video submission, and bookmarking, you know that it takes time to submit to each and every one of the major Web 2.0 sites that you really should be using. After a while you’ll find that you would rather hire someone to do that tedious task, and free yourself to do other things. Using 65 Social/ Web 2.0 sites can be daunting if you have to sign up for them all yourself, not to mention submitting content to them on a regular basis. This could be a full time job in itself. Well if you don’t have the time, or the money to outsource these tasks to someone else, you will need to look for software packages that will do the task for you.

There are services out there that use the latest in Web 2.0, Niche Finding services, Article Submission services, Video submission services, Social bookmarking, and RSS Feed services. You can even find packages that have all of your marketing needs bundled up in one package. Let’s talk about each of these above described services.

First, Niche research and keyword research is research done to help you find a niche to work in. You will need to know the difficulty of the niche that you select, and be able to tell if that niche is even worth pursuing.  You need to find a tool to help pick the best keywords to use for your niche, and let you know not only how much competition you have in that niche, but also show you how many links are found with that keyword on any of the Web 2.0 sites.

Next, with Article submission, your articles should be spun to make several different articles that are 30% or more different than the original article. If you’re lazy, and don’t like writing articles, you can find services that will spin the article for you. These articles will now create an influx of backlinks and web traffic after they get submitted to the major article directories.

You should create videos, and submit them to all the major video sites. All you have to do is find a video submitting software that will upload the video into the major video sites at the click of a button. This takes a while because of the size of videos, but you can walk away, and come back to see that your video has been submitted.

When it comes to Bookmarking, you should bookmark all the sites that you’re creating to create more backlinks from these social bookmarking sites. You can find a bookmarking software package that will do all the bookmarking for you.

Whatever you choose to do, you should find tools that will help you automate most of your tasks. Once you get going, and have some good income coming in, then you can hire people to promote your business and internet links. Until then you should really consider getting automation software tools.