Affiliate Marketing Examples – HelloGiggles, Gear Patrol, and PC Part Review

Affiliate Marketing Examples - HelloGiggles, Gear Patrol, and PC Part Review

If you’re looking for affiliate marketing examples, look no further than HelloGiggles, Gear Patrol, PC Part Picker, and PC Part Review. These three products have all received high reviews and are highly popular with online shoppers. You can follow their progress by reading these articles, and you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes and lifestyle. These examples show how you can optimize your own content to generate high sales through affiliate marketing. If you have questions about how to get started, consider contacting the creators of the programs and tools they recommend.


The HelloGiggles site offers excellent affiliate marketing opportunities. Although Ahrefs tends to underestimate traffic, the site reaches 1.2 million unique visitors every month, according to the latest monthly data. This website also boasts 380K followers on Instagram, which is an additional source of traffic. The site has optimized its links for conversion, which means you can attribute your conversions at the link level. Here are some affiliate marketing examples for HelloGiggles:

PC Part Picker

You can use the PC Part Picker as an affiliate marketing example if you want to sell computer components. This website allows users to input the components they need and see whether they are compatible with each other. The site also offers price alerts so you can boost your conversions by offering these links. It also offers curated system build guides that will show you the cost of building a PC and the links to each component. PC Part Picker is an excellent example of a product that is convenient and helps people make an informed purchase.

Gear Patrol

If you’re looking for affiliate marketing examples, look no further than Gear Patrol. Founded in 2001, this men’s lifestyle site is partly based on an affiliate e-commerce model. While most of the site’s content is not monetized through advertising, you can make money from it by promoting its sponsored content and in-content signup forms in its longer articles. Its mission is to help men choose the gear they need to enjoy their lives.

PC Part Review

An Affiliate marketing example for PC Part Review can take the form of a product comparison. In contrast to an ordinary product review, this kind of content should highlight potential drawbacks and alternatives to the product. Such information is valuable for attracting affiliate clicks. Another example of an affiliate marketing example for PC Part Review is a personal finance blog called Making Sense of Cents. Its writers publish articles reviewing products and recommending them. In turn, they have become affiliate marketers and have expanded their reach to cover conventional MMO topics.

Minimalist Baker

If you’ve been trying to make money off your blog, you’ve probably wondered what affiliate marketing opportunities are available. There are many types of online businesses and affiliate programs, and the Minimalist Baker is a prime example. The site simplifies baking and cooking with recipes that contain only 10 ingredients or less. It receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each month and millions of social media followers. Read on to learn more about affiliate marketing opportunities for this food blog.

BuzzFeed Reviews

One affiliate program that makes money with BuzzFeed is its shopping guide. BuzzFeed has an optimized shopping page for every category, which includes articles and editors’ picks. This makes it easier for visitors to buy a product they like. BuzzFeed has a great reputation and social proof to back up their product reviews. Whether you’re an affiliate or not, you can take advantage of this program to promote your products.